Oahu Maternity Photographer I Joelle Perry's Maternity Session - North Shore, Oahu

She goes by many names.... wife, daughter, friend, designer and now mum. 

I met Joelle from a really good friend of mine over coffee one morning. Her name had been mentioned to me a few times before for her stunning wedding dresses. The first time I met Joelle, she was such a contagious person to be around; and for the best of reasons. She has such a warm soul and is probably one of the sweetest people i've ever met. I had been dying to do a shoot with her and when I finally reached out she told me she was pregnant! I was so stoked for her and totally wanted to capture this moment of motherhood for her. We got together and created this beautiful session. Joelle, congrats on your babe! 

Ps. she named her perfect little babe, Golden Wilder Perry. How freakin sweet is that name?! 


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