We often get asked the question “what made you want to become a wedding photographer?” and to be honest it was always a hard question to answer. But if we had to choose one word it would be people. The couples we meet through this job- it’s so dang wild <3

Eden and Dave planned the sweetest Hawaiian beach wedding all the way from Brisbane, Australia and what freakin legends they are! We finallllllllly got to meet them the day before their wedding day and we instantly fell in love with them. Oh yeah- and they have the cutest pup named Arnie so we were obviously so obsessed with them from the start. After their ceremony at Sherwood Forest we headed over to one of our favorite spots for photos of just the two of them before meeting up with everyone else at Dukes for their reception party.

when you convince the best man to pierce his ear before the wedding to make him look cooler hahaha



Olivia + Chris flew us out to photograph their wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii at the cutest little coffee shop that is totally worth swooning over! Daylight minds is located right in the heart of Kailua Kona and let me tell you hunnay- the sunsets are to die for! There were tropical flowers and pineapples everywhere and we were OCEAN FREAKIN FRONT!

Tacos + alcohol + epic jams- allllllllllll night long

O + C, thanks for letting us spend the day with you <3


It was a pretty overcast day at Kualoa Ranch but that’s exactly how we like it. That mountain view is what we live for and we’re sure you feel the same. Alaina + Nathaniel travelled all the way from Iowa to come hang with us! They both work in the ER so it totally made sense to have them running around + being completely silly with one another since most days are probably crazy for them. They were either hand in hand or in each others arms the whole time and we were obsessed!

Alaina + Nathaniel, you are gems!


What started off as a DM on Instagram led these two our way. They fiance’d up in Hawaii and we got to shoot their engagement session up at Kualoa Ranch. Jeep hangs + these babes equals a pretty epic engagement session in our book.

Kristin + Christian, see you guys in NYC!


Jordan reached out to us a week before he planned to propose to Lacey. He asked us if we’d fly to Maui to photograph his proposal up at Haleakala. We said HELL YES! We booked our flights out the very next day knowing we’d have to stay on Maui overnight because we needed to be up at the top of Haleakala by 5am and there were no flights from Oahu that early in the morning. We knew Lacey personally so we had to make sure we blocked her on Instagram so she didn’t see that we were on Maui planning this all behind her back. That definitely made it feel like we were up to no good!

On Sunday morning we woke up and checked out of our hotel at 3am and drove up to Haleakala National Park. It took us about 2 hours to get to the top of the crater. Once we parked, I looked at the temperature and it was 47 degrees. Guys! It straight up never gets that cold in Hawaii unless you drive ten thousand feet up a mountain- which we did. I knew they were driving a silver mustang so we paid attention to where they parked and totally stalked them for the next 20 minutes waiting for them to get out of their car to find a spot for sunrise. Mind you- it was pitch dark and we had to pretty much be ninjas once the sun started to rise so Lacey didn’t see us.

We followed them up the path making sure we stayed our distance from them. Brad and I split up once we got to the top to make sure we got both angles once Jordan got down on one knee. Jordan and Lacey found a perfect spot up on a ledge away from the crowd of people so we got into position and waited for the sun to come up. We could tell Jordan was nervous because he kept reaching for his pocket while waiting for the right time. The sun started to make its way into the crater and they both got up and he started telling her how much he loved her and quoted a line from Good Will Hunting then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. First off- her ring designed by Heidi Gibson was GORGEOUS! Like, better than anything I’ve ever seen! Jordan literally said “is that big enough for you?!” and she was shocked the whole time so kudos to Heidi! And Jordan obviously ;)

Right after we wrapped L + J’s proposal sesh we had to drive straight to the airport to be back on Oahu in time to photograph an elopement later that afternoon. WHAT A WEEKEND!

If you haven’t gone up to Haleakala for sunrise you must go! It is one of the most beautiful places to ever be at 5am and proposing to your lover is a huge plus! Talk about wowing their socks off!

Lacey + Jordan- we had so much fun running around Haleakala with you and we’d do it again in a heart beat! We love you guys so much and are so excited you found each other! Shout out to Bumble!

and then Lacey’s momma came running with dad right behind her!


The first time we met Rachel was over FaceTime and she was on a train in South Korea on her way home. We literally talked for almost two hours and we knew right away that she was the sweetest person we’ve ever met. We talked about her wedding day and how her and Deasun met. They met through an online app for people with “common interests”. Their first date was at an art gallery. According to her, she doesn’t remember any of the art because Deasun only cared about making her laugh the whole time. And it clearly worked! We finally got to meet them in person just days before their wedding day and we became instant bff’s.

On the way to Kualoa it started to rain pretty dang hard. A little rain don’t scare nobody though ;) Rachel walked down the isle and Deasun had the biggest and I mean BIGGEST smile on his face. I literally started to cry! YOU GUYS! This wedding had me feeling all the feels. They shouted their vows at each other. Like foreal! Then danced their way down the isle. The rest of the night was filled with hugs, tears, shots, epic dance moves and more shots.




So you know that feeling you have when you meet someone in person for the first time and you feel like you’ve known them forever. That’s definitely how Justin + Makenzie felt for us. We weren’t the only ones that felt that way! Lucky for us, because we’re totally headed to Aspen for their wedding in 240 days and it’s going to be a frickin’ blast. They spent the whole session showing us all of their dance moves and we found out that they are experts at the dirty dancing pose. These two work hard, and play even hard and you can definitely tell they love even harder than that. These college sweet hearts have been together for about 4 years and Justin’s job gave them the chance to move here for the year, so of course they packed their bags, because, Hawaii, duh. This island is literally our back yard and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. Colorado is pretty dope too and we can’t wait to explore new places with them. Brad used to snowboard in Colorado and I’ve actually never been. Our bags are packed and we are so stoked to hang with these babes again.



I remember receiving a DM on Instagram from Jessica saying that her and Keaton just got engaged and that they were doing the long distance thing and that she was out in Hawaii visiting him for the holidays. Her flight back home was basically on Christmas Eve and she reached out to us the day before that. We were all in! We chose Makapu’u Beach for their engagement session because they love the outdoors and wanted both beach and mountains in their photos. K + J are both in the military so we totally understood how much being in a long distance relationship SUCKS! As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Distance doesn’t even phase these two. They literally fly helicopter’s for a living.

Keaton + Jessica, thanks for giving us one hell of a session! We are so excited to photograph your wedding in Idaho this year!


We photographed Emily + Justin’s engagement session up at Manoa Falls when they flew out here after getting engaged last year. Thats when they became some of our favorite people. I don’t really remember how they asked us to fly all the way to California to photograph their wedding but all I knew was that we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

We started the day at Emily’s sisters house then went to Justin’s parents house to photograph him getting ready before heading over to Oak Canyon for their ceremony. We snuck in some time before the ceremony for them to do a first look which is always our favorite part of the day. Justin brought a letter he wrote and read it to Emily which was the sweetest thing ever. Once all the nerves were gone- it was time to get married. Their ceremony was beautiful and we are always so excited to see a couple we love become husband + wife! They had their reception back at Justin’s parents’ house. Literally- tacos, a cigar bar, a bad ass dj, a super rad photo booth and a TON of alcohol. We photographed every single moment as it was. We were so sad to leave because Justin and Emily made us feel like part of their family which always means so much to us.

Literally tearing up because I remember exactly how this moment felt

What better way to end this blog than with a terrible quality iPhone video of the last song of the night. Everyone was on the dance floor and we’ve never felt more like family. I literally asked them to adopt me that night haha!!!!