Aaron + Christian have one of the most amazing love stories we've ever heard. When it was time to photograph their engagement session, we suggested shooting at a place that felt like home. We photographed these babes at the place where it all started for them- The Honolulu International Airport. Aaron works as a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines and Christian was on her way from Oahu to Kauai. Christian was trying to find her way through the airport and stopped at one of the directories. Aaron had noticed she needed directions so he asked if she needed help finding her way. Obviously it was love at first sight because he made sure he was on her flight home to Portland. 

I may be a little biased because I was born here, but Oahu is the prettiest airport in the entire world. We had them run around the airport, visit the terminal they met at, flirt in the phone booth and push each other on luggage carts. We had such a blast with them and are so excited to photograph their wedding in November at Kualoa Ranch! #loveisintheair18