Jordan reached out to us a week before he planned to propose to Lacey. He asked us if we’d fly to Maui to photograph his proposal up at Haleakala. We said HELL YES! We booked our flights out the very next day knowing we’d have to stay on Maui overnight because we needed to be up at the top of Haleakala by 5am and there were no flights from Oahu that early in the morning. We knew Lacey personally so we had to make sure we blocked her on Instagram so she didn’t see that we were on Maui planning this all behind her back. That definitely made it feel like we were up to no good!

On Sunday morning we woke up and checked out of our hotel at 3am and drove up to Haleakala National Park. It took us about 2 hours to get to the top of the crater. Once we parked, I looked at the temperature and it was 47 degrees. Guys! It straight up never gets that cold in Hawaii unless you drive ten thousand feet up a mountain- which we did. I knew they were driving a silver mustang so we paid attention to where they parked and totally stalked them for the next 20 minutes waiting for them to get out of their car to find a spot for sunrise. Mind you- it was pitch dark and we had to pretty much be ninjas once the sun started to rise so Lacey didn’t see us.

We followed them up the path making sure we stayed our distance from them. Brad and I split up once we got to the top to make sure we got both angles once Jordan got down on one knee. Jordan and Lacey found a perfect spot up on a ledge away from the crowd of people so we got into position and waited for the sun to come up. We could tell Jordan was nervous because he kept reaching for his pocket while waiting for the right time. The sun started to make its way into the crater and they both got up and he started telling her how much he loved her and quoted a line from Good Will Hunting then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. First off- her ring designed by Heidi Gibson was GORGEOUS! Like, better than anything I’ve ever seen! Jordan literally said “is that big enough for you?!” and she was shocked the whole time so kudos to Heidi! And Jordan obviously ;)

Right after we wrapped L + J’s proposal sesh we had to drive straight to the airport to be back on Oahu in time to photograph an elopement later that afternoon. WHAT A WEEKEND!

If you haven’t gone up to Haleakala for sunrise you must go! It is one of the most beautiful places to ever be at 5am and proposing to your lover is a huge plus! Talk about wowing their socks off!

Lacey + Jordan- we had so much fun running around Haleakala with you and we’d do it again in a heart beat! We love you guys so much and are so excited you found each other! Shout out to Bumble!

and then Lacey’s momma came running with dad right behind her!