So here’s the deal…. You're getting MARRIED and that shit is exciting! Wedding photography is such a big deal to us and it should be a pretty big deal for you too. It is so important to find the right photographer for you because it will be the best decision you make on your wedding day. We get it - weddings can be sooooo expensive! Our services are an investment and we promise it’s worth every penny. We’re all about authenticity and creating stunning photographs that reflect your story. We spend a lot of time getting to know you because we believe that knowing you well will allow us to photograph you really fucking well. We will also spend a bunch of time making sure you have the best experience possible and because of this we only photograph a limited number of weddings per year to make sure you are well taken care of. We are your people. We will dance with you, cry with you, take shots with you but most importantly we will make sure to leave you with some of the greatest memories of your life. There is nothing more powerful than a photograph - and we understand that <3


If we sound like the style you’re looking for, reach out to us!

Below are some solid numbers on how much to invest in our services. 

Elopements begin at $1500

Weddings begin at $3000

+ 24 hour sneak peeks

+ 30 day turn around

Portrait sessions begin at $650

Videography begins at $1000

Drone add on available for all sessions

Do we travel? HELL YES! Send us an email and tell us where you’ll be